Who We Are

QuickSelect is a leading Australian financial services company established in October 2009.

We are committed to always providing consumers with the best choice across the financial service category, with a focus on residential home lending solutions. We saw the need for an innovative online home loan service, catering for people with busy lifestyles and those seeking help from a service that was efficient, convenient and focused on delivering outstanding customer service.

Sure, it was easy to find lots of sites with long lists of products, but when it came to comparing them there was one problem – no one was ever available to answer the enviable questions that were needed to be answered. We’ve always been left with some doubts, and the only way to solve them seemed to be to talk to different providers – which kind of brought us back to where we started – to talk to everyone. But instead of accepting that the internet killed the customer service star (and maybe write a song), we decided to solve the problem. And solve it we did.

QuickSelect is a new type of financial business — fresh and dynamic, provocative and challenging. We know how to get the most out of the lending institutions and how the system works. We know that it is not rigid, but pliable and flexible, that can be stretched and steered for better outcomes.

We use technology to improve efficiency and ensure that your experience is simpler and easier for you. We are staffed by people who put you first and believe that nothing beats a conversation at every opportunity. Our Mortgage brokers have expert knowledge and will provide guidance on your entire journey.