What is MFAA?

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the country’s top national body, providing services that enhance its representatives in Australia. Representing over 10,000 professional credit advisors, MFAA helps them to develop their professional skills in order to enrich and promote the mortgage finance industry.

What are MFAA’s objectives?

MFAA represents professional credit advisers, delivering services to endorse their professional knowledge, skills and career paths, in order to educate them to a level of expertise that is desirable for both consumers and regulators. The MFAA has developed a robust Code of Practise, Disciplinary Rules and other governance guidance to provide customers with confidence when dealing with members of MFAA.

How does MFAA relate to us, QuickSelect?

All of our brokers at QuickSelect are MFAA accredited, demonstrating the highest standards of knowledge and expertise.

How does MFAA relate to you, our customers?

This means you will always receive the very best and most up to date knowledge. You’ll always receive a reliable and professional service at QuickSelect, and therefore gain not only confidence, but also a comprehensive understanding.

How can I find out more about MFAA?

For more information about what MFAA do, or to make an online enquiry you can visit Alternatively, MFAA has an Infoline 1300 554 817.